October 2017

10/1 — How to Handle Your Crossroads, Rev. Dr. Shannon J. Warner, DMin, Senior Pastor

   Fall Revival: The Moving Forward Series:
10/4 — Burdens and Blessings of Pastoral Transition,  Rev. Dr. Victor LaMonte Lane, Macedonia Baptist Church

10/5 — Maximizing The First Year, Rev. Dr. Eugene Downing,  New Hope Baptist Church

10/6 — Burdens and Blessings of Pastoral Transition,  Rev. Dr. Shannon J. Warner, DMin,  True Light Baptist Church, Senior Pastor

10/8 — Moving Forward, Rev. Dr. Shannon J. Warner, DMin, Senior Pastor

July 2017

7/2 — A Divine Conjunction, Rev. Dr. William T. Golson, Jr.

7/9 — Releasing God’s Power, Rev. Dr. William T. Golson, Jr.

7/16 — Let All God’s People Say Amen, Rev. Dr. William T. Golson, Jr.

7/23 — Devine Assurance, Rev. Dr. Shannon J. Warner, DMin, Senior Pastor

7/30 — Family Sunday, Rev. Dr. Shannon J. Warner, Senior Pastor

June 2017

6/4 (8AM Service) — Rev. Katherine Farley, Faith Community Baptist Church

6/4 (8AM Service) — “The Joy of Detours”, Rev. Vernon Jones, Jr. Associate Pastor

6/11 (8AM Service) — Rev. Shawn Rollins Jr.

6/11 (11AM Service, Children’s Day) — “Yes, with our lord, you can”, Rev. Vernon Jones, Jr.

6/18 (8AM Service) — Rev. Douglas Farley

6/18 (11AM Service) — Divine Insight From The Depths of Despair” Rev. Dr. Larron Jackson

6/25 (8AM Service) — Rev. Dr. Eugene Downing, Jr

6/25 (11AM Service) Rev. Dr. James Peters Jr. — “The Abundance of Divine Love”

May 2017

5/14 — Mother-Like A Ship, Rev. Dr. William T. Golson, Jr., Paster Emeritus

5/21 (8AM Service) — Woman’s Day,  Mrs. Debra Luckett

5/21 (11AM Service) —  Woman’s Day,  Ms Columbia Jenkins

5/28 (8AM Service) —  Rev., Dr. James Peters, Jr.

5/28 (11AM Service) — Rev. Vernon Jones, Jr  “Are We There Yet?”

April 2017

4/2 (8AM Service) — Praying Through Transitions , Rev. Vernon Jones, Jr.

4/2 (11AM Service) — Rev. Shawn Rollins, Jr., Central Baptist Church

4/9 (8AM Service) — A Donkey’s Point of View, Rev. William Golson Jr.

4/9 (11AM Service) — Youth Sunday, Guest Speaker, Councilman Chris Herndon, Principles For Winning The Race

4/16 (Sunrise Service)–Is It Still Dark, Rev. William Golson Jr.

4/16 (Easter Service) — The Empty Promises of Easter, Rev. William Golson Jr.

4/23 — Adjusting Copy Quality: The Original, Rev. William Golson Jr.

March 2017

3/1 — Retirement Celebration, Rev. Eugene Downing, Jr. New Hope Baptist Church

3/2 — Retirement Celebration, Rev. Frank Davis, Zion Baptist Church

3/5 — Detour

3/12 — Retirement Celebration, Pastor Paul Burleson

3/12 — Retirement Celebration, Rev. Dr. James Peters, Jr.

3/19 — A Jailbreak from Heaven , Rev, William Falson, Sr

3/19 — Desperate For Differen ,  Rev. Vernon Jones, Jr.

3/26 — Pastor Robert Woolfolk, Agape Christian Church

3/26 — Rev. Larron Jackson, Affirming the Sovereign Source of Our Strength

February 2017

2/5 — How to Handle A Meltdown

2/12 — God sees, Hears, and Knows!

2/19 — What Do These Stones Mean To You, Rev. Vernon Jones, Jr

2/19 — Rev. Dr. George Quansah, Pastor; Love Christian Fellowship, Denver, CO

2/26 — God Does Discipline!

January 2017
1/1 — Five Ways God Uses Problems

1/8 — From Seed to Substance

1/15 — Impossible Circumstances

1/22 (8AM Service) — Rev. Madlyn Tombs, New Life Christian Center

1/22 (11AM Service) — Chosen For Such A Time As This, Rev. Vernon Jones Assoc. Pastor of Christian Ed

1/29 — Expressing Your Discontent

December 2016

12/25 — My Gift To Him

November 2016

11/4 — A Biblical Perspective On Suicide