True Light Baptist Church
Denver, Colorado

Senior Pastor Position Announcement

True Light Baptist Church is seeking a Senior Pastor who shall serve as its chief spiritual leader and Christ led shepherd.  The primary role shall be to feed, nurture, and train, teach, and develop the congregation as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Founded in March of 1988, True Light is among the most progressive churches in the greater Denver area, one that has continuously striven to be a voice for Jesus Christ in the church, community and throughout the world.

Approximately 700 members strong, we are a 21st century church with regards to utilizing technology in advancing the cause and kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The use of modern technology is an integral part of the life, work and ministry of our church on an on-going basis.

True Light’s DNA from inception has been “salvation to membership; membership to Christian disciples” for all who join this branch of Zion. True Light has a history and a reputation for preaching and teaching the uncompromising Word of God. The spiritual motto of True Light is, “Every Member a minister and every leader a learner”. This motto serves as a constant reminder to all who gather to serve the Lord as members of this congregation they are expected to commit their lives to growing up in the word, way and will of Jesus Christ.

True Light takes seriously her responsibility to make real the love of Jesus Christ both in the church and beyond its walls, participating in global mission and ministry and providing support locally, nationally and internationally.

Senior Pastor Responsibilities

  • To clarify, with the Deacons and other church leadership the church’s vision, goals and objectives.
  • To communicate and help implement the vision, goals and objectives with the church body.
  • To plan and lead inspiring worship services, spending significant time in preparation (Bible study and prayer).
  • To become acquainted with the constitution and bylaws and follow procedures of True Light Baptist Church.
  • To encourage all believers to develop as disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • To work with the Deacons to preserve and promote the unity of the body, through oversight of the church and management of conflict in the church, always seeking to be an instrument of reconciliation between offended persons.
  • To be available to minister to those who are hospitalized, ill and grieving and to train others to do the same.
  • To perform recognized “pastoral” responsibilities such as: administering the ordinances of the church (baptism and the Lord’s Supper), officiating at weddings, pre-marital counseling, funerals and representing Christ to the community.
  • To maintain regular office hours and otherwise be available to the church family on an “as needed” basis.


  • High degree of personal spiritual maturity, reflecting the character of Christ in both private and public life.
  • Minimum of a Doctor of Ministry from an accredited Seminary is required
  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in full-time pastoral ministry and church leadership is required.
  • Ability to communicate meaning and insight from Scripture in a way that connects with an audience and effectively leads to learning, understanding, and application.
  • Expository preaching style is preferred with the ability and experience to preach the Word accurately and powerfully, although topical preaching is recognized as both valuable and desirable in some circumstances.
  • Demonstrate a vibrant, growing relationship with God that is evidenced in all areas of life, including spiritual disciplines and a healthy family life.
  • Grace-oriented approach to doctrinal and theological issues, as well as areas of daily life and practice; not judgmental or legalistic, but frank with regard to essentials of the faith.
  • Understanding of, and commitment to, local and worldwide missions.
  • Ensure the operational readiness of the church through leadership and oversight of the support staff performing duties in administration, finance, human resources, supply, and facilities management.
  • Facilitate the annual strategic planning process including evaluation of ministry performance; review of mission, vision, and core values; development of key objectives and tactics; and establishment of three-year goals.
  • Lead the church in the annual stewardship campaign, building programs including capital fund raising campaigns, master planning, design and architecture, contractor selection, and construction.
  • Basic computer skills, knowledge and understanding of technology concepts, systems and operations required.
  • Competent user of information and technology tools common to information-age required and maintain awareness of emerging technologies and their potential uses in ministry.

Compensation and benefits are commensurate with experience and qualifications.

To Apply

Applicants should send a cover letter and a resume to  Applicants should also include a brief statement describing their philosophy of ministry. Qualified candidates of interest will be contacted and asked to provide additional information. Final candidates must consent to reference checks, educational/credential verification, criminal history/background check, drug test, and credit/financial history review.

Please note that no search committee members will be available at the church to receive phone calls, so we ask that communication be exclusively by email at

Closing date: 12/15/2016

Thank you for your interest in the Senior Pastor position available at True Light Baptist Church